In this hands-on forum, you will learn how to use dreamwork to lay the underpinnings for a more just and conscious society. Inspired by Rev. Jeremy Taylor, whose initial dreamwork ministry focused on bridging the racial divide in Oakland, California in the 1970’s, the Dreaming for Social Change Event will use the context of dreamwork to open dialogue into topics of race, class and other valuable differences among us. You will get a glimpse into your own inner portrayals of race and class, and gain greater awareness of how your inner imagery impacts your aspirations toward social change in the world around you.

This is an experiential workshop and forum designed to use your community’s nighttime dreams to delve into topics of race and class. Using dreams as the context for this type of social change dialogue creates a comfortable and fascinating container for discussing these emotionally-charged topics in a way all participants can hear. The length of this workshop is adaptable to your needs, and can run from 3 hours for a brief introduction to a full three-day weekend if more depth and integration are desired.

This course is for anybody interested in the topic of social change. No prior dream experience required.

Where: Contact us today to set up this urgently needed diversity and social change event for your community!