Interested in dreams? Having unusual nighttime experiences? Or perhaps you’re a helping professional, and want to learn to explore dreams with your clients.

If so, the Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild Dream Symbolism Training Series may be for you! Each Wednesday, we explore dreams on specific topics, including training in dreamwork essentials. The series is available as a package or drop-in, and will be ongoing for several years with a wonderful community of avid dreamers!

This week’s training is on an intriguing topic: Places of Death – Graves & Cemeteries. Dream graveyards can show us what we’re leaving behind, and how to move forward… Come join us for a fascinating time exploring dreams together. And bring a dream you’d like to share!

All are welcome, even those with no dreamwork experience. Drop-Ins are welcome.

Tuition: There are 3 options:

Option 1: Drop-In. Pay $20 directly on our Meetup for each event you wish to attend, using PayPal here: Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild Meetup

If you do not have a Meetup account, you can also receive the event link by registering through our scheduling software: Drop-In Registration Here

Option 2: Coaching Program. Interested in coaching or mentoring with us? This event is included as part of the Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild’s Sleep & Dream Mastery Program and our other coaching programs.

Option 3: Dream Symbolism Training 10-Pass. Get a 25% discount when you buy a 10-class pass. Then, simply choose which classes to attend through our online scheduler. The current 10-pass is $150 and is valid for 8 months.

How to Log In:
On Meetup: Make sure you are logged into Meetup. The Zoom Video Conferencing join link becomes visible under “Online Event” on the right side of the Meetup description, as soon as you RSVP and pay for the session. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early, in case you have technical difficulties.

On Acuity Scheduling: If you register via 10-pass or drop-in using our online scheduler (Acuity), the Zoom join link will show up on your confirmation screen or in an email from us. Note: I will manually mark you as “Paid” on Meetup for any session for which you have registered using this system, in case you prefer to log in there.

Interested in certification? This training qualifies as part of the Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild’s 100-hour Certification in Dream Symbolism.

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Looking for a gift? We offer sleep coaching & 1-to-1 dreamwork sessions. Please consider offering the gift of sleep & dreams! It’s the perfect gift for someone who has everything but sleep. If you or a loved one is experiencing nightmares, insomnia, unusual dreams, or other nighttime challenges, we would love to explore this with you!

Special Gift Certificates may be purchased here in our store. We’re glad to mail you a paper certificate, if this interests you:

You may also contact us via text message: +1 303 847-5263 or email: to set up a session.

Your host for this event is dream alchemist Benjamin Whitehurst, M.A., founder of the Durham-based Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild (DreamCircling.Com). Benjamin holds a Masters of Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University along with certification in Integral Circling from the Integral Center in Boulder, Colorado.

Notes & Disclaimers: This event does not involve psychotherapy or any other form of healing intent. Participation is at your own risk. If you are in a particularly sensitive state, please be aware that dreamwork can be intense for some people–check with your doctor or therapist before participating. The intent of this training in dream symbolism is educational and spiritual. The intent of this event is to learn about dream symbolism by sharing dreams with each other, telling one’s story, and receiving feedback from the community on potential dream meanings. Imagine 1,000 years ago when communities would share dreams together when a crisis was afoot–they would sit in a circle and share the dreams they had been having. It was both a means of staying connected, and a means of processing & gaining insight into what was happening. May this event be in service of the well-being of our community. This event is a professional offering organized through the Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild / Navigate Change, LLC.

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