Thanks to those of you who attended our March 30, 2017 Gathering!

What are your dreams like?

Are you interested in learning more about the spiritual depth and the many fascinating layers of your dreams?

At tonight’s event, you’ll have the wonderful opportunity to join Benjamin Whitehurst, M.A. as he shows you a different way to work with your dreams, going far beyond traditional interpretive dreamwork, into a space of rich connection and experiential insight.

For this Dream Circling Experiential, we will come together to delve into the intriguing dream spaces that emerge as we share our dreams with each other in a small group setting.

To get a glimpse of Dream Circling, tap into the richness of connection you crave – that sense of transformative spiritual kinship you seek in your life. Dream Circling is about much more than the meaning of any one dream!

It’s about the most intriguing and enlightening journey you have ever experienced – your LIFE. It’s about interconnection and will remind you of the deepest moments you have ever experienced with others. It’s about learning and intuition, going beyond surfaces to weave a beautiful tapestry from the mysterious threads of your dreams.

Dream Circling offers precisely this: a simple yet intense interpersonal practice to shake the dust off your life, to challenge you toward spiritual insight, and to offer the deepest sense of connection you may have ever experienced.

Join us for an evening of depth, connection, and awe as we step into these sacred dreamscapes together!

Beginners welcome, no experience necessary!

Payment for this event is $15 and is required with your RSVP to reserve your spot and to respect the time that Benjamin will invest into each individual who attends.


Benjamin Whitehurst, M.A. is Lead Facilitator at Navigate Change, L.L.C. and founder of the Durham Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild.

A passionate proponent of dreamwork & authentic relating, he travels widely, supporting people to feel more connected and alive in their communities.

In addition to worldwide travels, Benjamin is a former Peace Corps volunteer and is proficient in Spanish, Portuguese, and Kaqchikel Mayan. Benjamin holds a Masters of Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.