Got nightmares? Unusual sleep experiences? 

Join the Radical Healing community & Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild founder Benjamin Whitehurst for an interactive exploration of nightmares, sleep paralysis, and recurrent dreams.

We will consider the strange and intense phenomena sometimes encountered during sleep & dreams, and offer concrete techniques for working with nightmares and other things that go bump in the night. Bring your nightmares to share with others in this interactive workshop. The format will involve a short talk followed by approximately 2 hours of experiential workshop & Q&A–please arrive on time.

All are welcome & bring a friend! No registration required, but if you are thinking about coming, please send us a text message at (303) 847-5263 or an email to: Ready@NavigateChange.Org, so we can have enough seats set up for you.

Please support our work. We request a contribution of what you earn per hour for this workshop.

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Time & Date:
Monday, October 28, 2019
Please plan to arrive early (perhaps 5:45pm) & meet the other amazing people who will be there! We will begin the workshop promptly at 6:00pm–if you walk in at 6:01, you will find us already in session. We will wrap up at 8:30pm.

Radical Healing
2003 Chapel Hill Rd, Durham NC, 27707

The location is the second building from the corner (right beside Pine State Flowers, a florist shop). Parking is right beside the building, behind the building, or on the street. For those familiar with Durham, we’ll be across the street from the Scrap Exchange.

We are planning to meet in the Group Room, to the right side of the front porch. It’s easy to find!

Note & Disclaimer:
Nightmares sometimes point directly toward difficult aspects of our lives. Looking at nightmares is sometimes like opening Pandora’s Box… when we open the lid, things can be uncomfortable or intense. This workshop focuses on dreamwork as an interpersonal meditation practice (a spiritual practice), in service of eventual spiritual freedom beyond fear, and has no therapeutic intent. You will likely experience some emotional discomfort due to the nature of the topic–nightmares & fear. Please know your own limits, and avoid this workshop if you believe it may be counterindicated for medical, psychiatric, or other reasons.