Dream sharing is one of the best way to connect diverse groups of people, using deep listening. The intention of this workshop is to gently explore how our minds portray the sense of “Self” and “Other” through our dreams in the context of Race.

Most people dream regularly about Race, but due to the controversy around the topic, we rarely get the opportunity to explore this aspect of dreams. This workshop will provide a supportive atmosphere to share these dreams, treating each as a work of art to be appreciated.

All are welcome, even those with no dreamwork experience.

The format of this workshop will be as follows:

a) Short check-ins
b) Dreamwork Essentials: How to explore the meaning of dreams in a community forum
c) 10-minute presentation on how Race (as a symbol) tends to show up in dreams
c) Dream Sharing with group as a whole. The invitation will be to share uncensored nighttime dreams that portray Race
d) Sharing of insights at end

Instead of interpreting the meaning of these dreams out loud, we will practice insight meditation & deep listening inside the dreams that are shared, as if appreciating a work of art. There will be prompts to respond to via journaling, such as:

a) Is anything or anyone in the dream portrayed as “dark” or with dark colors?
b) Is anything or anyone in the dream portrayed as “light” or with light colors?
c) Is anyone in the dream presented as a stranger, an foreigner, an alien, or as a different race? How are they acting? How are they being treated? Does this remind you of anything happening in society or in your life right now?
d) Looking through the eyes of the stranger or the person of a different race, what does it feel like to be in this dream?

Note: We will not share these reflections out loud.

Please RSVP early. The event will be rescheduled if there are not 10 people registered by Thursday, 7/23 (3 days before the event).

Registration is via Eventbrite:

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Your host for this event is dream alchemist Benjamin Whitehurst, M.A., founder of the Durham-based Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild (DreamCircling.Com). Benjamin holds a Masters of Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University along with certification in Integral Circling from the Integral Center in Boulder, Colorado.

Notes & Disclaimers: This event does not involve psychotherapy or any other form of healing intent. Please be aware that dreamwork and topics of race can be emotionally intense for some people–check with your doctor or therapist before participating. The intent of this event is to simply share dreams with each other, like telling one’s story, taking in each others’ experiences. Imagine 1,000 years ago when communities would share dreams together when a crisis was afoot–they would sit in a circle and share the dreams they had been having. It was both a means of staying connected, and a means of processing & gaining insights about what was happening. May this event be in service of the well-being of our community. This event is a professional offering organized through the Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild / Navigate Change, LLC.

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Note: The art piece for this post is titled, “Keys Seeking Locks”, by photographer Benjamin Whitehurst.