Want to wake up feeling more rested each day?

We are offering a special, limited-time 4-Session Sleep Coaching package with your needs in mind!

Maybe you’re the person who has already tried everything–doctors, therapists, pills, self-help books.
Perhaps your doctors have given you a diagnosis and a pile of homework, and you’re realizing this didn’t solve anything.
Or maybe you’re the person who just doesn’t know where to begin.

Either way, Sleep Coaching can help you get restful sleep.

Sleep Coaching is a creative process where you learn how to have consistent restful sleep. If you would like to feel rested when you wake up in the morning, Sleep Coaching offers:

2 months of focusing on what *does* work.
Support to set up new sleep habits
Training in how sleep works
Availability between sessions so you don’t get stuck!

Coaching is not diagnostic–We operate on the assumption that something is right with you! And that your body wants and has the ability to sleep. In the two months we work together, you will find creative solutions to your sleep challenges, so that restful sleep becomes a choice and not a luxury. Sleep Coaching is for anyone experiencing sleep concerns, and works best for people experiencing:

Night-Shift Work
Chronic Jet Lag
Sleep Paralysis
Kundalini Opening

We are also glad to offer Sleep Coaching in coordination with your doctor or therapist, if you are experiencing medical issues that affect sleep, such as sleep apnea, high levels of stress, or depression. Coaching in addition to medical or psychotherapeutic treatment can make the difference between treatment success and failure, as coaching helps you establish the new routines and habits recommended by your providers. If this is for you or someone you love, please seek out treatment from the appropriate medical professionals first, as our coaching has no diagnostic or therapeutic intent.

To sign up, please reach out via text message to: (303) 847-5263 or email: ready@navigatechange.org, or use the Book Appointment Today button on the pricing chart, below, to contact us via PayPal. Payment is via personal check or PayPal. We are glad to set up a brief 15-minute call to go over any details before you complete your registration–please reach out to us with any questions! We look forward to hearing from you.

2-Month Sleep Coaching Package

$600/2 months
  • Includes 4 Sleep Coaching Sessions via Zoom & Sleep Tracking Between Sessions
  • Goal: Wake Up Feeling Rested!
  • Motivation & Support to Shift Insomnia, Nightmares & Sleepless Nights

3-Month Nightmare Coaching Package

$900/3 months
  • Includes 6 Nightmare Coaching Sessions via Zoom & Sleep & Dream Tracking Between Sessions
  • Goal: Experience Restful Dreams!
  • Understand Big Dreams, Resolve Recurrent Nightmares, & Sleep Better At Night