The Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild is offering a special weekly program of dream sharing events… come join us & bring a dream. This week’s topic is on Dreams About Animals.

Dreamwork can be very simple–you share your (nighttime) dreams, and others simply listen and connect with you. It is a simple yet powerful way to connect as a community during difficult times, to express what you’re experiencing & feel heard, and to learn about ourselves. All are welcome, even those with no dreamwork experience.

If you are currently employed or on Social Security, please contribute $20 for this event, here:, or register through our Eventbrite event, below. Word of mouth is also very helpful for us–do you know someone who might be interested in this? If so, please share!

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The Handout for this event, titled, “Dream Alchemy Essentials: Basic Toolkit”, can be downloaded here:

Many of us in the Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild offer 1-on-1 dreamwork professionally–please reach out to us for support or join one of our ongoing dream groups if you are experiencing nightmares, insomnia, spiritual emergence, or other unusual nighttime experiences. We would love to explore one of these dreams with you!

This dream topic on animal dreams will include:

a) Dreamwork Essentials: How to explore the meaning of dreams in a dream group or community forum.

b) Breakouts: An opportunity to share one of your dreams in a group of 3 to 4 people (we are using Zoom Video Sharing, which has the capacity to create up to 50 live breakout rooms!).

c) Dream Sharing: Several people will be invited to share one of their dream experiences with the whole group.

d) Group Chat: Share your questions & related experiences in the group chat

We will provide you with Zoom Video Conferencing instructions as soon as you select your Free or Patron ticket on Eventbrite, using the link below:

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You may also register via our new Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild Meetup page:

Your host for this event is dream alchemist Benjamin Whitehurst, M.A., founder of the Durham-based Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild (DreamCircling.Com). Benjamin holds a Masters of Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University along with certification in Integral Circling from the Integral Center in Boulder, Colorado.

Notes & Disclaimers: This event does not involve psychotherapy or any other form of healing intent. If you are in a particularly sensitive state, please be aware that dreamwork can be intense for some people–check with your doctor or therapist before participating. The intent of this event is to simply share dreams with each other, like telling one’s story, and to receive some initial feedback from the community. Imagine 1,000 years ago when communities would share dreams together when a crisis was afoot–they would sit in a circle and share the dreams they had been having. It was both a means of staying connected, and a means of processing & gaining insights about what was happening. May this event be in service of the well-being of our community. This event is a professional offering organized through the Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild / Navigate Change, LLC.

Please Support Our Work: Please spread the word about our Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild Meetup & our dreamwork (DreamCircling.Com)! If you would like to see more events like this, please invite us to organize a talk or workshop for your community. If you don’t have a Meeup account, you can also support us buy purchasing a paid Patron ticket here on EventBrite. We are grateful to those of you who help us make these events more widely available!