If you are interested in dreams and looking for a retreat to create life-long bonds among your community members, Dream Circling may be a match for you! Our signature retreat, Dream Circling combines the art of dreamwork with the science of community building, creating a context for deep connection among participants.

Preferred Format: Friday night talk, Saturday-Sunday experiential dream workshop.

Suggested Themes (easily adapted to sacred or secular settings):
• Introduction to Dreamwork
• Dreams & Spirituality
• Working with Nightmares
• Extraordinary Dreams
• Introduction to Lucid Dreaming
• Dreaming for Social Justice

Where: At your organization. Travel fees apply outside of Durham, NC and Blacksburg, VA.

Why: You (and all people) spend around 30% of your life asleep, dreaming several dreams per night. Dreams set the emotional tone and background imagery for our waking life each day. Dream visions provide us with information needed to move forward—everything from healing imagery to foresights into scientific discoveries. It is no accident that the first written manuscripts of humanity thousands of years ago were dream dictionaries! Dreams are one of the most powerful and least conscious influences on our daily life, and the study of dreams provides a personalized and grounded path toward spiritual awakening. Practicing dreamwork in your community is a time-tested choice for increasing the breadth, depth, and sense of connection in your organization.

Please contact me at ready@navigatechange.org or via Facebook, if you are interested in setting up a Dream Circling retreat. I will look forward to serving your organization!