Dream Resources

The Internet is replete with dream resources of varying quality. On this page, you will find the highest-quality resources I have found. This page is divided into several categories:

Online Dream Dictionaries

I often use online dream dictionaries to plug in keywords from my dreams, to begin to tap into traditional and archetypal layers of meaning. Dream dictionaries, however, rarely speak to personal layers of dream meaning.

    • DreamHawk: Provides interpretations & symbolism in the form of articles using keywords
    • Wikipedia: Useful for less common nouns that are not fleshed out in dream dictionaries

Recommended Reading

I have found the following books very useful in understanding my own dreams. I will keep this list short and sweet:

    • The Wisdom of Your Dreams (2009) by Jeremy Taylor
      Excellent introduction to the art of dream interpretation and the power of dream circles

Authentic Relating (Circling) Resources

If you are looking for keys into what makes Dream Circling so unique, look no farther than these interpersonal practices. You don’t have to travel to experience authentic relating–join our local Meetup Group and our annual full-immersion Dream Circling retreat today!

Visionary Dream Art

Experiencing visionary dream art is a non-verbal way of fathoming dream imagery. If you are seeking a feeling of “wow!” check out these artists (you can also do an image search for them):

    • Visionary Art Gallery:¬†Stunning work by hundreds of artists, including full-screen curated slideshows
Dreamwork Opportunities: Click Here!