Dream Circling FAQ:

What is Circling?

Circling is...

To understand Circling, tap into the depth of relationship you crave; the sense of transformative mutuality you seek in your life. Remember any moments of deep connection you have experienced, and the moments of greatest learning. Circling offers precisely this: a simple yet intense interpersonal practice to shake the dust off your life, challenge you to authenticity, and offer the deepest connection you may have ever experienced in your life.

What is Dreamwork?

Dreamwork is...

A means of using dream imagery for personal growth and development.

Dream Circling offers an Integral approach to dreamwork–I believe all approaches to working with dreams are useful. Our dream groups tend to use a mixture of Projective Dreamwork (Jeremy Taylor), Archetypal Dreamwork (Jung), Gestalt Dreamwork (Perls & Naranjo), and Authentic Relating (Circling, T-Group, etc.), depending on the context.

How is Dream Circling different than other dream groups?

Dream Circling...

Whereas most dream groups focus heavily on interpreting dream symbolism, Dream Circling events focus heavily on building connection and inner awareness. We balance intellectual dream interpretation with kinesthetic dream practices so that dream meaning is both understood and directly experienced. The focus on authentic relating and community building sets a high bar for caring deeply about each other. Deep interconnectedness supports everything from group lucid dreaming experiments to simply having someone to call when you are having a rough day.

Is Dream Circling therapeutic?

There is no therapeutic intent.

Dream Circling is an authentic relating practice, designed to foster interpersonal awareness and personal development. Authentic relating is sometimes intense, and a lot may come up for you as you explore the uncharted territory of your dreams. Be prepared to seek out support from friends, family and your therapist as you begin to look inside Pandora’s Box…

It is important to state clearly that this is not a therapeutic group. If you are currently seeing a therapist or doctor for treatment, please consult with them first about whether Dream Circling may be appropriate for you.

What about nightmares?

Will it get rid of my nightmares?

Nightmares are like telemarketers...

Nightmares are like telemarketers–even if we hang up on them repeatedly, they tend to keep calling until we have a direct conversation with them. Embrace change in your life and do dreamwork, and your nightmares may subside.

I agree with Jeremy Taylor that “all dreams come in the service of health and wholeness.” You and your nightmares are warmly invited to Dream Circling; you will likely feel some relief simply telling your dreams to the group.

Is this a religious group?

Will you respect my beliefs?

We value diversity and inclusiveness.

Dream Circling is inclusive of all forms of spirituality, and your belief system is welcome as is.

Will we respect your beliefs? When asking this question, many people really mean, “I’m afraid you’re going to try to change me because I believe _________.” Dream Circling is not about changing you–it’s about understanding and connecting with you exactly as you are. However, your dreams will point to where you are stuck in your personal development, and having that pointed out to you may feel uncomfortable and vulnerable! And in those uncomfortable moments, the group will be there to support you.