Happy Holidays!

We’re planning an indoor/outdoor holiday fire gathering for friends & active ADG community members on Saturday, December 19th from 11am-8pm. My house will be a winter wonderland, with a fire, live tree, decorations, holiday treats, and (small quantities of) great company!

Masks will be required until at least 2pm, so those who we haven’t seen in months can feel comfortable joining us. This event will be capped at approximately 10 people in the morning, afternoon, and evening time slots. See below for what to bring!

Visit our Scheduling Page or fill out the following in the embedded form to choose your time slot for the Gathering! It’s easy to use:

A few details:
We believe it is important to be together over the holidays, and are making major efforts to make this event available to those in the community who have not gone out much this year due to Covid-19 quarantines. State law currently mandates that people use masks for all indoor gatherings, except when eating. For this gathering, we suggest you look at higher quality masks that allow people to see your face, while still leaving your facial expressions visible. Your smile is priceless! For example, the Leaf Mask: https://www.leaf.healthcare/

We are taking the following precautions:
a) Creating separate time slots for people with different preferences. If you are extremely concerned about Covid, please sign up for the ll am slot. If you consider yourself low-concern for Covid-19, please sign up for the 5 pm time slot.
b) I use an Oura Ring so I know ahead of time if I’m developing a fever.
c) We will have hand wipes & sanitizer available to you (please don’t flush them!)
d) Asking people to stay home if they are symptomatic or have been around someone with Covid.

Please only join us if you are in excellent health. And please be aware my home has steep steps to the front door and irregular ground near the fire pit. If you have balance issues, use a cane, or have trouble with stairs, please know we love you and wait to join us until we can hold an event in a different venue.

Remember our community norms:
Honor Self — You alone are responsible for taking the steps to ensure your own physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
Honor Other — Extend kindness toward one another, and take steps to respect the well-being of others.
Anonymity — Respect each others’ privacy.

What to bring:
Please bring the following:
a) Your mask
b) A dream, rolled up as a scroll, to hang on the live Christmas tree. Feel free to keep it anonymous, as the Alchemical Dreamers’ Guild will read the dreams out loud in January or February, 2021, as part of a planting ceremony, where we will plant the dreams with a shrub in the ground.
c) Optional: If you enjoy cooking, please bring a gluten free / sugar free snack to share.
d) Your partner (have them RSVP separately, please so we have an accurate count of numbers).
e) Please leave all alcohol and drugs at home.

I will send out the address to those who register. Please park in my driveway, in front of my house, or along the wooded area across the street (not in front of my neighbors’ houses).

Please plan to arrive and leave within the bounds of your designated 3 hour time slot unless otherwise arranged. Please reach out to me separately if you’d like to join for the 11am time slot.

If the weather is decent, we will light the outside fire pit, and you may also hang out on the deck. If it is raining or bitter cold, we will only light the indoor fire.

See you on December 19th!