Dream About Cathedral

Private Dreamwork Sessions

Dream Circling is most effective as a group practice, where multiple perspectives can shed light on even the most puzzling dreams. However, individual dreamwork may best meet your needs if you:

  • Are concerned about privacy
  • Live too far away to join our Dream Circling meetups
  • Want to use dreamwork as a context for life coaching & personal development work

Individual Dream Circling is a powerful form of spiritual coaching that addresses themes such as:

  • What does this dream mean?
  • What blind spots is this dream showing me?
  • How can I use dreamwork to live a more authentic life?
  • How do I work with nightmares?
  • How do I lucid dream?

It is important to note that Dream Circling is not psychotherapy. I strongly recommend psychotherapy as a complement to Dream Circling, to help process any challenging psychological material that may arise for you while exploring your dreams.

Dream Circling Group

  • One (1) Dream Circling Meetup
  • The Most Powerful Form of Dreamwork!

Dream Group Multipass

  • Four (4) Dream Circling Meetups
  • The Most Powerful Form of Dreamwork!

Dream Analysis Package

  • Two (2) Dream Circling Sessions
  • Four (4) hours Dream Journal Analysis or Symbol Research

Dream Mastery Package

  • Ten (10) Dream Circling Sessions
  • Four (4) hours Dream Journal Analysis or Symbol Research

Benjamin Whitehurst, Dream Alchemist

Benjamin Whitehurst, M.A., is Founder & Lead Facilitator at Navigate Change. A passionate proponent of dreamwork & authentic relating, he travels widely supporting people to feel more connected and alive in their communities. In addition to worldwide travels, Benjamin is a former Peace Corps volunteer and is proficient in Spanish, Portuguese and Kaqchikel Mayan. Benjamin holds a Masters of Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Learn more about his coaching work and other events at NavigateChange.Org.