Interested in transcendent sleep practices and dreamwork? Join the only professionally-facilitated dreamwork sangha in the region, focused on exploring lucid dreaming, sufi dreamwork, astral projection, and yoga nidra. We currently meet at a private residence or at the Esoteric Study Center in Durham. This group is for experienced dreamworkers, regardless of your lineage. If you are new to dreamwork, please take our 8-week Dreamwork Experiential, beginning in September as a prerequisite to joining the group. If you are an avid dreamer and oneironaut, then this community is for you!

Currently, the group meets twice per month, once in the morning and once in the evening to accomodate different schedules. Meetings are fun and experiential, with a time for sharing experiences, asking questions, designing monthly lucid dream experiements. Each meeting includes 1-2 hours of Dream Circling, a meditative dreamwork practice that brings dreams into the present moment where they can be experienced and integrated, while building a strong sense of community. If you are interested in joining us, please reach out to Benjamin at (303) 847 5263, or send an email to Ready@NavigateChange.Org.